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More Good Stuff by Trey Printer Friendly

A few good ones I'm listening too lately. Definitely a redneck feel to the selections which means it will piss Ray off. That's just a bonus. Hope there's something you like.

Tom Russell - Stealing Electricity

Whiskey in my Whiskey - Felice Brothers

Drag the Lake Charlie - Drive By Truckers

Cadillac Sky - Hangman

Cadillac Sky "Hangman" from American Songwriter on Vimeo.

Terry Reid - Seed of Memory

Here's the original in all it's greatness.

This song is 35 years old now.

Here's a recent version. Live, old, and sweaty. He fucks some of it up, but it's his song, so he's allowed right?

There's something I like about it.

Snowden's Jig - Carolina Chocolate Drops

For a closer, Snowden's Jig. This one is greatness.

Carolina Chocolate Drops is my favorite band I've found recently. Most of their songs involve singing, but this one is awesome even without.



Entered By Ray From Austin
2010-09-12 10:57:39

Most of these aren't so bad. "Whiskey In My Whiskey" was the only one that made me punch myself in the balls just so I could block out the music with pain. I suppose I could have just turned it off, but that's not how I do things. "Drag The Lake Charlie" reminds me of our hometown, for some reason.

Entered By Tracie From Unknown
2011-04-03 02:52:48

Really liked Charlie Drag the Lake...:) I liked the "Hangman" Video... I think it was the beards and dancing knees. :) Seed of Memory was good too... love the long hair and look at those eyebrows! Loved Snowden's Jig...I will be looking into more of them.

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