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That's Just Sick by Ray Printer Friendly

"My throat's a little scratchy this morning."

This is how it starts, in case you're new to my world. I push my chair back from my computer so I can look into the kitchen. "Scratchy?"

"Kinda hurts. Can't tell if it's allergies or something else."

Shit. That "something else," that's something that will have her feeling bad for a day or two. If she sleeps all day today, she'll probably feel better by tomorrow afternoon. That "something else," it's the thing that'll utterly destroy me for at least a week.

This is how it goes.

We were supposed to have company this weekend, but nothing was for sure. There was also discussion of driving to Ft. Worth instead of making our friends haul two babies and a dog all the way to Austin.

All of those plans vanish when she mentions her sore throat, when she mentions how her body hurts and she just feels so tired.

School started in earnest last week, so she has been surrounded by filthy little germ machines that have never been in social situations before. They breathe in your face, they wipe their noses with their hands and then touch you, they cough all the time, right at you.

My princess, she has a certain immunity to this stuff. It can still lay her out sometimes, but she recovers quickly. I don't have any sort of immunity to it. I'm a perfect target for whatever virus or disease she carries.

"I caught a kid with a feather in his mouth, did I tell you that? A pigeon feather."

"Holy shit, I'm so doomed."

"Maybe it's just allergies," she says from bed. The bed we shared last night. I woke up several times to find her right up next to me, breathing my same air. And I was breathing hers! I'm so doomed.

Late breakfast and then a day watching movies, taking it easy. I stay away from her, and try not to touch anything she touched.

I roast some chicken and make soup out of it. I take my vitamins, although I know it's already too late. I eat citrus fruits and I drink water. I've been exercising daily. I should be okay, right?

She goes to sleep after the second movie ends. I walk to my desk and realize that my throat itches. My head has a dull ache to it. Maybe dehydration, maybe allergies. She coughs in her sleep.

So anyway, I'm fucked.

Happy Labor Day weekend, kids.

Posted under The Rants on 9/04/10


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