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i will only die a million times for you by Ray Printer Friendly

It's eight empty bookshelves and some self-righteous bitch bragging about how fast she reads.

A pack of unsmoked cigarettes with the cellophane torn and a matchbook in a pool of urine.

It's tears when they don't matter, and screams when they don't impress.

Who are you, and who do you want to be?

Wrists scratched bloody and love rubbed raw

It's never enough to prove the truth,

Laughter always sounds wrong

when you don't want to hear it.

Coughed jealousy and midnight glasses of water,

which are actually just secret inspections.

Look at my eyes and tell me I don't want to die,

I dare you. I dare you to tell me

I don't want to live first.

We'll scrape through fire exits as if they're closed castle gates

And we'll smoke our sophistication

as if it's all we've ever inhaled.

Your growl means nothing,

not anymore;

Only your bite counts,

And it will get you euthanized.

Scare 'em with your love,

your potential love,

and your potential indifference.

Both sides of the blade are terrifying.

Just let me juggle, can you do that?

Of course not.

Too simple.


Doesn't work.

Even if it's the truth,

Even if it's the only magic

We'll ever witness.

It's all an illusion, anyway.

This is all a lie:

All that I am...

Is nothing without you.

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2010-08-14 17:58:16


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