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Hate Week Running by Ray Printer Friendly

Writing a post about running during Hate Week is pretty much the easiest thing in the world for me. Because I am not good at running, and I do not like running. Is it fair to say I hate running? Yes, it probably is.

If it wasn't so widely known that exercise is good for a person, I believe that we, as a society, would avoid it. Think about this: if you go out on the town and have a few drinks, you feel really good. You're happy, you're sociable, you have a good time. You wake up the next morning and you swear you're never drinking alcohol again.

Or you buy a giant pizza and it tastes so wonderful that you just devour it. It's warm, it's delicious, it's awesome. The next day, you're gassy, your stomach feels heavy, and it feels like you're sweating straight grease. You swear you'll never do that again.

Running is just like that, except without the fun parts. I get out there, I can't breathe, my entire body hurts, and I feel like I might pass out at any second. I get home, take the time to recover, and still feel like hell for the rest of the day--aching muscles, sore joints, etc. If this wasn't proven to be good for me, I would swear it off for good.

As it is, I have to force myself to swear to do it again the next day.

It's really quite crap.

And yeah, I know there are all sorts of alternative ways to exercise that aren't nearly as hard on my body. I also know that I won't do them. I hate going to gyms, I hate being in gyms, and I hate seeing the other people in gyms. I have to have something that I can do the moment I wake up, and I only have a short amount of time to do it.

So it's running.

And it sucks.

Especially when you throw in the bonus benefits like the deer that's been rotting beside the sidewalk for the last week and a half. Last week, I thought I'd be all clever and run on the other side of the street, but I live in North Austin, where they don't believe in sidewalks. I made it to the other side of the street only to discover that there wasn't a sidewalk, but rather a giant drainage ditch littered with malt liquor bottles and an upturned shopping cart.

Also fun is the constantly backed-up sewer just beside P.F. Changs. The awesome thing about sewage is that it's so fundamentally wrong smelling that just remembering the smell can make you gag, if you're not careful. Running past it while you're sucking in air at an accelerated rate is not fun.

And the garbage trucks. These things are total sensory overload in the morning, as they go roaring by with their flashing lights and the smell of garbage and diesel.

Home, just time to shower and get ready for work (maybe a post whining about running, if I have a little extra time), and with the knowledge already brewing that I have to do this all over again tomorrow.

So, yeah...that's how my day's going. Happy Hate Week, kids.


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