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Hate Week Trials by Ray Printer Friendly

I don't really have a motto, nor do I have words that I live by. But one thing I do have is the constant feeling of Karma bending me over and shoving her strap-on of doom up my ass.

On one hand, this is very inconvenient. You know, because of the whole getting ass-reamed by karma thing. On the other hand, it's very liberating, because I don't have to be one of those people who always worry about doing bad things because of karmic payback.

That said, I am a little amazed about how every year, shortly after announcing the beginning of Hate Week, my luck turns to absolute shit. For example, one year my car caught on fire. Last year, my air conditioner broke. One year I got tricked into having sex with a tranny.

Okay, that last one wasn't exactly during Hate Week, and it wasn't exactly like I was tricked, but I think you see my point. Not about the tranny, but about my luck turning a bit sour around the time Hate Week begins.

But I simply don't care. For one thing, my luck is always pretty bad--I just tend to notice these things a little more when I'm doing fate-tempting things like proclaiming holidays based on hate. For another thing, see first paragraph.

The point is, I'm sitting in Ft. Worth right now typing this. Why? Well, it's Trey's birthday, so my princess and I decided to come down to celebrate. The plan was, I'd get off work on Friday, quick get a haircut, and leave early enough to get here early and enjoy some quality time with our friends.

I even went so far as to schedule an appointment with the guy to cut my hair. I generally don't care much about my hair, but this guy's pretty awesome--so much so that even with my general indifference, I can tell I look better.

So of course, there was an emergency and he had to switch shifts. And by emergency, I mean that the new lady there couldn't find a babysitter for her kid. So Matt--my usual guy--came in and the morning. Which meant the lady cut my hair. It's a noticeably inferior haircut, but not as bad as it could have been, I suppose.

I also got a message from Trey saying that he and his lovely bride were going out for dinner, so they weren't going to be home when we arrived in Ft. Worth, anyway. In all fairness, this actually worked out, because I had to wait quite a while to get my haircut (because the stupid lady with a kid also didn't honor Matt's previous appointments like she was supposed to).

So we left later, meaning that we'd be driving after dark. Not ideal, but not too bad. Except for right as the sun set, it started pouring rain. Fantastic.

So we ended up arriving about two hours later than I'd hoped, only to discover that Trey had to work Saturday. Yeah, that would be today.

No big deal, though, right? He could head in at ten, and with any luck, he'd be done by like three. Except that first thing this morning, he found out that things weren't going so well at all, so instead of getting finished by three, he's barely getting started.

Don't you worry, though, I'm sure it's all about to turn around. Oh, yeah, I also discovered that I forgot to pack shirts. Any shirts. In case you're wondering, I do not have the body type that can socially exist without being covered.

So a quick trip to Target in dirty clothes to buy some clean ones.

But you know what? None of this is a big deal. Because I got new shirts, for five bucks. And I got here, even if it was a little later. And I'm gonna have a good time, even if it means I have to wait up until midnight for my friend to get off work.

Because I can take what the world throws at me, and I can do it without crying about it. All of this, this is just fodder for Hate Week, Karma, you nasty slut.

I can dance this dance all week.

Entered By Karen From Indiana
2010-08-07 20:37:56

This is going to be good. Not for you, but for us, definitely. Have fun!

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