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First-Of-The-Month Quotes: Not Very Many (Again) by Ray Printer Friendly

It should not surprise you at all that I don't have very many Quotes. I am a slacker, which means that I slack. Here's what I got:


"It just wouldn't be you if you weren't talking about your wife makin' out with some other hot chick."


"I'm gonna be really negative here for a minute, but I'll follow it up with a unicorn chaser."


"You can really taste the quarter with that last drink."


"He's incredibly famous amongst a really small percent of really hardcore people."


"I can't help, I have to read this guy's nipples."


"Freedom is not the natural state of humanity."


"Why do I have copies of your first lease?"

"I have no idea."

"It's pretty bizarre. Even for us."


"You do look like that kid [from The Big Green]! Someone Photoshop a beard on that kid right now, it's a perfect match!"

"Oh, fuck you, Fred Durst, who the fuck are you?!"

This really did need to be done. And no, the quote isn't about me.


"What about Santa? He's always watching, you know."

"I'll drop that fat fuck in an instant. Get head from his wife."

"Just knowing you probably means I won't get any presents this year."


"God loves a broken heart."

Posted under First-Of-The-Month_Quotes on 8/02/10


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