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Day 5 by Ray Printer Friendly

I don't have much time to write about Day 5. The distance has increased enough that I'm going to have to wake up earlier tomorrow. Which sucks, because 1) I have to wake up even earlier, and 2) I have to go out and do exercise after I do wake up.

Besides, nothing special to report--just wanted to make sure I wrote something today so I'll complete my run tomorrow. It's getting hard, boys and girls (that's what she said...sorry, watched about 18 hours of The Office this weekend).

But I went this morning, because the idea of quitting--and having to tell you about it--sucks marginally worse than waking up before the sun and heading out to run.

Anyway, I did it. It sucked, but I'm not to the point of hating it, not yet. Sure, everything hurts...always. Sure, I felt like I might puke all over the parking lot. Sure, I'm actually gaining weight instead of losing it, at this point.

But what else do I have goin' on, right?

Entered By Diane From NH
2010-07-21 02:24:53

Ray, if you can manage to get any form of excercise 5 days in a row, I am RIGHT NOW promising that DAY AFTER TOMORROW I'm going to, too. Really. I would start tomorrow but it's already too late at night for me to get up early.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2010-07-21 02:46:12

I didn't go exactly in a row--had the weekend off because I had company in town. But I started again Monday, and went this morning, and I plan on continuing. At least until Saturday. Come on, Saturday, hurry up.

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