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Owl Cat UPDATED by Ray Printer Friendly

Do you ever do something incredibly stupid, but you still find it hilarious? I just spent five minutes making the worst video ever, and I can't stop laughing when I watch it.

Here it is:

I know it's awful quality everything, and I know that it's idiotic. But I like it.

So there.

UPDATE: Oh, yeah, I forgot about "No Help For David." Another really terrible "animation" I made a while back. I put in YouTube today:

Entered By Anonymous From Unknown
2010-06-27 04:38:58

I admit it, I chuckled through my nose at the end. "Owl cat!" in this super-hip, I'm-introducing-a-super-hero voice. Not as good as "No Help For David", but still useful as pick-me-up. :)

Entered By Ray From Austin
2010-06-28 03:55:59

Useful? USEFUL?! Owl Cat is pretty much the greatest thing ever! If you say otherwise, you get a cannon ball shot right at your taint.

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