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(I found the following stream of consciousness written down on a piece of tattered notebook paper at the bottom of my closet today. Not sure the exact date of the writing but I have a vague idea of the time period in my life when I could have written it. It's not new, but it is genuine.)

The rain seems to be following me.

Flowing torrents, weeping tears.

Is it sadness or happiness we weep for?

Depends on the day, the place, the time, the circumstance.

Puddles of emotion pool at my feet,

Soaking my skin and bringing shivers to my body.

What do you want?

What will satisfy you?

Wish I could answer that, I would be one hundred percent.

Whole... not a part of, but whole.

Keep up the pace, learn to look ahead.

Stop turning around now and watch your footing.


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