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You, Too, Can Be The Proud Owner Of Raw Dog by Ray Printer Friendly

At one point, I mentioned a quickly thrown together book I was working on called Raw Dog. It seems like it was just the other day, but apparently it was already a couple months ago.

Anyway, I finally got everything set up, so you can buy it now, if you want. I went over this before, but I guess I should tell you again:

This was a test run to see how well CreateSpace worked, so it's by no means some super awesome project. It's a collection from the first couple years of Strangelands rants, most of the spelling errors corrected, but not much else changed. It's nothing you couldn't read right here.

I'd promote it more heavily, but the thing about CreateSpace is that they charge for pretty much everything, so just to be able to sell it to other people online, I had to tack on an "e-store" fee. Another fee applied for the ability to sell it on Amazon.

So basically, you have this book of old posts that's running almost fourteen bucks. I make sixty cents per copy. I lowered my profit as much as possible and was trying to get it down so that I didn't make a profit at all. While messing with it, it suddenly dropped so that for every copy sold, I'd make negative seventeen cents. I didn't want that, so I fixed it to where I wouldn't have to pay them when I sold a book and then left it alone.

So why buy it? Hell, I don't know. It looks pretty neat. I'm one of those obsessive people who feels the need to buy things to fill out a collection (I own all three of the Matrix movies, and worse than that, I own all of the Blade movie as well--simply because Guillermo del Toro directed the second one). So if you're neurotic like me, you could buy this book in order to own the entire Ray Weeks collection.

Or if you need something to smash bugs with. I did a half-ass job of designing it designed it with the intention of matching my old business card--which I've sort of come to equate with The Strangelands look--so it's perfect to use for squashing things. What's that, you don't know which business card I'm referring to?

This one.

So yeah, there you have it. Oh, wait, the links.

Here's the one to Amazon, and here's the one to CreateSpace. It doesn't matter which one you use (CreateSpace is an affiliate of Amazon, and I make the same whopping sixty cents either way), but I'm assuming any of you who actually feel like spending money on this thing will find using Amazon much easier.

Posted under The News on 6/21/10

Entered By Diane From NH
2010-06-21 22:40:37

Ray, you know I'm an addict -- I'll buy it if you publish it. And dang if I don't secretly enjoy the shocked looks on friends faces when they read the titles on my bookshelves.... heh. heh. heh.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2010-06-23 02:14:43

Thanks, Diane. It's nice to have family that I don't scare.

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