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It's been a while since we did a music post, mostly because Trey was doing it, and he and his lovely bride recently reproduced, which I guess cuts down on your drunken rambling.

So, in Strangelands tradition, I'll take over until he gets back to it. And then he probably won't ever get back to it, and we'll have yet another section of this website that I'll do until I forget about it.

I should start out by saying that this could be an entire post about Eminem. His new album, Recovery comes out next week, and the songs that have already leaked make my metaphorical dick harder than finding a non-molesting priest.

I'm a huge fan of Marshall Mathers, and when Relapse was released, I was ready to love it. The thing is, it kind of sucked. I mean, the man can still bend words to his will, but it was all about his mother and his drugs and blah blah blah--the same shit he was talking about five years ago. It was much better than most of the hip hop bullshit they pump out these days, but nowhere near his potential.

Anyway, this isn't going to be an entire post about Eminem, so relax. That said, I am going to give you a couple of samples. Even if you don't like rap, you should give 'em a listen, just to see the amazing things he can do with words.

This first one is "Despicable," which isn't on the new album, but is rather a promotional tool. It's labeled as a freestyle all over the internet. I don't believe it's a total freestyle, but I'm not a major player in the rap world (I know it's hard to believe), so maybe I just don't know the lingo. It's over a couple of mixed songs, and I feel that he does a much better job than either of the original artists.

The other song is one from the new album, and it's catching a little flack because Pink sings the hook. Frankly, I could give a shit about the hook--it seems like it's only there to give Em time to catch his breath before spewing another blast of rapid-fire awesomeness.

Look, I'm not saying it's changing the world or anything. I'm not saying he has a great message that can make you view life differently. But he's incredibly witty and can run words together like the mad scientist from that movie The Human Centipede.

This next one is something you've probably already heard if you have any sort of pop/hip-hop radio station. It's from the album B.o.B. Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray. Which, believe it or not, is also a rap album.

The song is called Airplanes (part 2), and yeah, it has Eminem on it. But it also has a pretty cool chorus. I never thought about it, but in the city, you rarely see the stars, and seeing shooting stars is even more rare. So what do you wish on? I liked the concept, and I like this song.

Sorry about the crappy player--there was nothing on YouTube

Okay, okay, enough about rap.

Let's move on to something that I've seen all over the internet the last week or so: Lady Gaga. She has a new video for the song Alejandro. If you want to watch it, you can click this link. I couldn't find an embeddable video, and I didn't want to waste time with it because I think this song is a pile of shit. On YouTube, there's the official (which I couldn't embed), and then like a million videos of black guys talking about it. I have no idea why, and I didn't care to investigate. All I know is that I clicked eight different links, and all but one led me to some black guy reviewing the video. The other one was a white guy. Reviewing the video.

Anyway, I think this song is a piece of shit, and I think the video is stupid, and the only reason I was going to link to it is because I was then going to show you a video of Madonna doing the same thing about fifteen years ago, and then play the Ace of Base song she swiped her music from.

Someone made a remix of the song already:

There's also one of Poker Face mixed with Sweet Dreams by the Euryuthmics, which is pretty good, proving that Lady Gag songs are almost tolerable when they're mixed with something from a long time ago that was much better than any of the shit she dribbles.

Look, I know a lot of people out there like her. I've hated her ever since I first heard her name, because that's a cat-fuck stupid name. A lot of people admire her as an "entertainer" instead of a musician. Bullshit.

Watch a video of an Asian game show, you'll see where she gets her ideas. Or any fetish internet site, for that matter.





Asian guys

I'll be honest: I have a couple Lady Gaga songs in my music collection. When I write, I sometimes like mindless background music with a fast beat, and some of her stuff fits the bill, and doesn't annoy me enough to make me chew through my wrists. But the fact that she's as big as she is bothers the hell out of me. It makes me feel like the world is getting more brain damaged by the moment.

Let's move on. But first, something to cleanse the palette, yes?


Much better.

Okay, so back to good music. My boss recently turned me on to The Black Keys. She's pretty much in love with them, and I'd be a little creeped out, if it weren't for the fact that she's puppy-dog cute when she talks about how great they are. Except when she described the music, then it turned from cute into...well, into something else.

"It's like drinking beer and smoking on a summer night, hot and damp, and a little dirty."

Not sure if that's how I'd describe it, but it's way better than anything that I'd be able to think up, so let's go with it, okay?

I couldn't really decide which song I wanted to post--you should really check them out on your own--so I picked this one because it has child on child violence, which is always amusing.

The old donut-from-the-pocket move. Slickest. Move. Ever.

I guess I'll wrap this up with a song by Regina Spektor. This is another artist I suggest you check out all over the place. One comment I read said something like, "she's a lyrical gymnast," which is pretty much how I would describe her. Well, I'd be a little more crude about it, of course--she has a voice I want to make dirty love to.

Anyway, that's all I got.


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