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Gutter-Fu*k Sensibilities by Ray Printer Friendly

Hey! Even if you don't usually read poetry, you should read this. Because I'm head-fucked, and I feel like this is a story.

But in that previous paragraph, I spelled like eighteen words wrong, so don't listen to me,.(also, look at all that extra punctuation.,;'[,.don't listen to me at all)

I feel it warm against the back of my neck:

your breath,

like it doesn't even matter, like it's nothing at all,

like you aren't playing with my world and wrecking my sanity and

dipping into my soul whenever you want.

I'm onto your games, and I pretend

that makes them my games too,

I know the truth, though,

and I rub it 'till it moans,

but that still doesn't make it mine.

You, with your lipstick-colored nipples

and your nipple-colored lipstick,

and your laughter that sounds like singing

and your singing that sounds like heartbreak.

I don't want to hurt you,

But I will

If you make me

If you dare me,

If you beg me and bite your bottom lip just the right way.

Nightmares itch for the love we got,

horrible and dark

and so fucking real that it'll scar your heart

with marks you cherish forever.

The sun never shines right

when you aren't around to curse it,

and broken glass doesn't look the same.

Don't ask me to hate myself


Because I'll do it.

For you,

I will hate all that I am.

And I will love doing it.

Gutter lust and grunge fucking

because three blocks is too long to wait.

Grunts mean i love you,

sighs mean i love you too,

and tears mean whatever we need them to.

You say unh in that special way

and our skin slaps in harmony.

Daylight burns away our understanding.

Angry eyes and confused emotion.

Watery coffee and soggy eggs and fuck you

In case you didn't notice.

Steam rises from the streets

on the long walk home,

as the sun rises from the depths

And another day begins.

Entered By Reilley From New Enlgand
2010-05-13 09:28:57

Great imagery, loved 'nipple colored lipstick', and a dynamic flow of expression. Actually a very good poem.

Entered By keith k From Unknown
2010-05-13 20:23:54

You need to write more poetry. Poetry like this!

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