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First-Of-The-Month Quotes: Fallen Warriors by Ray Printer Friendly

Did you notice the dramatic title of this month's FOTM Quotes? If you didn't, you should go do that right quick.

That's to distract you from the fact that there really aren't many quotes this month. It's also meant to convey the fact that although I heard many hilarious things this month, I failed to write them down. It's a metaphor, you see, for the Quotes that were lost.

Goodbye, little quotes, you were like tiny, adorable ducklings with eye-patches and cigars. You will be missed.


"Say what you will about that pedophile, the man could dance."


"I went out as my dad one night."


"Oh, I hate when I get cum nose!"


"She was just apologizing for peeing in the sink. She felt that was inappropriate behavior, I guess."


"Shut your mouth, you don't know my secrets."


"It's quittin' time, boys! Time to slam some cold ones and pound some pee-holes!"


"She's very German, which means she doesn't look like she enjoys anything very much."


"The smell of it woke my eyes up for a minute."


"Texas is the leading state for butt rape."


"Maybe I thought I was too cool for Partyzilla."


"You have to crush the camel."

"Is that a sex thing? Because it should be."


"It's like when a dog stares at you while he licks his balls--you don't want to watch, but you're scared to look away."


"They love me for everything they think I could be."

Posted under First-Of-The-Month_Quotes on 5/01/10

Entered By Diane From NH
2010-05-09 23:43:02

HAH! The German comment. Knowing that you and I are part-German... We WANT to enjoy things, but somehow feel like we should disdain them instead... *haughty laughter*

Entered By Ray From Austin
2010-05-10 11:58:04

Wait...I'm GERMAN? No wonder I'm such an asshole.

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