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Half a bottle in by Trey Printer Friendly

I remember, late whiskey fueled nights.

Good friends and music.

Dancing with lights flashing.

Letting go of all the fears.

I remember, two kids from Texas, living in the city.

Finding friends, finding Love.

Growing up, growing down, letting go of all our fears.

I remember, late whiskey fueled nights.

An empty room and music, the sun coming up and a notebook.

Pen in hand, flowing. Our thoughts our dreams.

I remember, truth or dare.

Did you ever, would you ever.

You never....

I remember, late drunken nights and early morning sunrises coloring the city red and yellow.


I remember, being together for the new day.

My friends and I.

No sleep.

No fears.

Our world before us.

Brave enough to own it...


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