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Late Pictures: Halloween, 2009 by Ray Printer Friendly

There's an unspoken rule in my life that I'm not really allowed to use pictures of friends and family members on this website. And by "unspoken," I mean, "specifically told." Considering all the other stuff that goes on around here, I can't blame my friends and family for creating this rule.

I generally try to respect the privacy of those around me, while totally annihilating my own by putting intimate details that no one wants to hear onto the internet.

That said, I'm going to show you some pictures I took on my visit home last Halloween. I don't think it's breaking any of the rules, considering that one of the pictures was on the front page of the local newspaper.

This one:

And yes, I realize that it's a little late to be posting Halloween pictures from last year, but I was going through some old stuff tonight and ended up looking at them.

I like these pictures, and wanted to put them on The Strangelands, because that's where I put my cool stuff.


This is my sister's dog. They put this costume on her because they're horrible people, I guess. They always seemed nice enough, but this was proof that they obviously aren't. Dressing animals up is one of those things that I've always judged people harshly about, and my sister--as much as I love her--is no exception.

She's still pretty cool in my books, but her record is slightly marred--like if you found out Batman's parents were actually alive in a retirement home somewhere, or if Van Helsing had a Vampire Fleshlight.

Here's another one of the kid in the skull mask. That skull mask freaked me out a bit, because depending on what that little boy was saying, it either looked like it was smiling or threatening to eat my soul. Add to it that the wearer of the mask has the most intense eyes I've ever seen on a person, and you have yourself quite an odd situation. Which would mean scary, except then I'd have to admit being scared by a little kid in a mask, and I just can't do that.

Nothing to say about this one. Just some house we visited. I think it's funny, though, that the moon always looks like a disembodied streetlight in all my pictures.

Took this one on the way to Trick-Or-Treat. It's blurry, but if you've ever tried to take a picture of a kid on the way to Trick-Or-Treat, you understand why.

I didn't really dig this one until tonight. Why? Because tonight was the first time I realized that it was a picture of a little boy on Halloween just staring at a flower. While wearing a hockey mask. Something about that seemed incredibly surreal and wonderful to me.

This is probably my favorite picture out of all of the pictures I've taken. I dropped down without thinking, and since the auto-focus was turned off, the shutter snapped immediately. I had no idea how it turned out until I got home and looked at the image on a computer screen, but even when I took it, I knew I loved it.

I don't know--something about this picture embodies everything I love about Halloween. It's there, but it's not. You see what you see, but when you think about it, you really didn't see all that much.

I actually have another one much like this, but it's just the kid in the Super-Man costume. At some point, I will write a book specifically to use that picture as a cover.

Anyway, have I written enough for this to be a post yet? Because I'm tired, and it feels like I'm not making much sense.

Posted under The Rants on 3/22/10

Entered By Leslie From Texas
2010-03-26 18:38:27

You know, I'd try to blame the whole dog-dressing thing on the boys, but I think it's freakin' hilarious. Of course, the guilt eventually gets to me -- either that or I worry she's slipping into a coma since she doesn't even blink, much less move, when she's in one of her humiliating outfits. Besides, if I recall correctly, you were right there with me, snickering and taking pictures.

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