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Strangelands Posters by Ray Printer Friendly

I've been seeing hastily-made posters up all over town lately, advertising stuff for SXSW, and since I was bored, I decided to make some of my own. I used one of those crazy permanent markers, though, and ended up giving myself a mad bastard of a headache.

That's my excuse for stopping before I got a really bad-ass poster. They were all based off of the same batch of original drawings, and I was kind of trying to manipulate stuff like the guy did in this cool article about making grunge type.

I didn't follow his directions exactly, which is probably why his thing looks cool and mine looks like a second-grader put it together. I wasn't trying to emulate his design, though, I was just attempting to use a more hands-on approach with the design elements.

As it turns out, I should really just stick to Photoshop, as I never know where I should put things until I move them around a bit.

Anyway, here:

This is my first attempt. I cut out the elements after making copies, and taped them to a piece of cardboard that was sitting in the corner. I made a copy of that, took the elements apart, and then placed them on the copy. As you can see, I didn't really know what I was doing. I finally threw in the towel, Photoshopped it up, and called it good enough.

This is the second attempt using the same scans and printouts. I used a lot more Photoshop with this one. I printed it out gray scale, scanned it in again, and then used the threshold adjustment to spatter it out.

The scan of the chick was actually a stencil that I found on the internet, cut out, and then spray-painted into my idea notebook.

I used it on this poster because I was originally planning on spreading some of these posters around town. I figured if there was a sexual element involved, people would be more likely to check it out.

This last one if my favorite, probably because after looking at all the confused, cluttered stuff in the other designs, this bleak wall was super refreshing. I really only used the one element from the original, which further goes to show that I should stick with making stuff on Photoshop.

But this exercise was pretty fun, so I probably won't.

Posted under The Rants on 3/14/10


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