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Spread 'Em by Ray Printer Friendly

I generally try to spread my content out around the internet, which isn't nearly as gross as it might seem at first. Well, okay, it is.

But I also try to post pictures and stuff all over, which really isn't gross. Right now, I'm in the process of trying to figure out how repetitive I should be with content. For example, if I post a picture over on my Tumblr page, should I also post the pictures over here? Or link to them on Twitter?

On one hand, it'd be nice to have all content on one page, so that you can find everything you want to see in one spot. But if that's the case, why have multiple pages in the first place?

For me, it's about being able to upload shit while I'm on the go. Both Tumblr and Posterous make it way easy to post from my mobile phone. Twitter's the same way. As much as I love The Strangelands, it isn't fast and efficient when it comes to posting.

For this place, I need a computer and a little time. Those other sites, I can whip out mini-content while I wait at a red light.

So it isn't all going to be gathered in one place, I guess. So the next question is, do I try to keep original content on each site, in hopes that loyal readers/viewers will visit each site? Probably not--as much as I dig you guys, one thing you aren't is terribly loyal. Most Strangelands readers are the type of people who stop in when they have a couple minutes to kill, and if they think about it.

Nothing wrong with that--I'm the exact same way about several websites. I like them, and I check in when I have a chance, but I don't make it a point to visit daily, in hopes of new content.

Of course, I like the daily readers more. Because they're better people. More attractive, easier to talk to, more intelligent and witty--all that.

You know who the worst people are?

My asshole friends who check in just to make sure I'm still posting. They throw a fit if I haven't updated in a while, but they don't actually read anything that I do post. I'm onto you, you jerks.

But I digress.

So I can't feasibly count on a readership that will cross-click to a new site.

Which means that I should probably use the various sites much as a fisherman would cast a set of nets. Not really expect to catch the same fish with all three, but maybe getting more in the long run.

With exciting posts like this, I can't see how this plan could go wrong. You'd think I'd be pulling in hordes of readers with dull, rambling posts about how the hell do I use the internet.

Anyway, if any of you have any input about this stuff, add it in the comment section or email me.

Posted under The Rants on 3/09/10


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