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Texture? by Charlie Mine Printer Friendly

I'm explaining to my best friend why I am a horrible person

We are your best friends, and we are naked. In a restaurant. Without you. That is why we are horrible people

Pictures. Now…..Why are you so far away?

Because I'm afraid of large penises.

I doubt that.


I doubt ass scares you either.

LOL! You have 6 hours to get here. By then we should be done with Brian, the waiter/appetizer, and ready for the main course.

Sorry kids. Not physically or morally possible.

I showed Bryan the text about him.

What was his reaction?

He said I spelled his name wrong.

I gotta try to get some sleep, so I'll talk to you later. No, I'm not going off to touch myself and even if I was, there's no way you could prove it.

Okay. We'll hold off on sending the nude pics until tomorrow. You want audio with that?

Yes on the audio. And there's no need to wait to send the nude photos. Because um…nude photos would, uh…help with my dreams?

Of course they would! Nighty night, then. Sweet dreams!


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