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A weighty subject by Carey Printer Friendly

I don't recall exactly when it happened. I am hard pressed to even give a particular stretch of time credit for the increase. But, I now suffer the serious consequences.

Yes folks, you not only have guessed correctly but I bet dollars to Take 5 Candy Bars that you've experienced this syndrom before. It's none other then the Wardrobetightis bug. You know the bug that gets into your system and exhibits itself in secondary symptoms as non-stop holiday gourging, jolly merriment and heavy drinking, and if your really unlucky a continuation of above afflictions well after the New Year. It isn't till you try to fit into anything other then your running pants or other articles of clothing blessed with an elastic waist or drawstring that you realize how badly bitten you were.

The reality of the situation suddenly comes crashing down on your chocolate whiskey laden world and you must face the choice of either slimming down or buying an entirely new and larger wardrobe.

Since I pride myself on being the cheapest but most vain person I know, the choice was not only clear but easy to make. Unfortunately, the easy part only existed in the decision and not the follow-through. This is where the Rant comes in.

I am now struggling to appear at the gym a meager three time a week and attempting to engage in an hour of sweat producing activity while I am there.

It's at this point I would love to shout out the benefits of all that adrenaline and endorphin producing activity and say it's phenomenal. But, the sad truth of the matter is it SUCKS ASS people and I don't look forward to going any more then I do a visit to the gynocologist (I put that in there for my compadre RW).

It makes me wonder if I'm doing this all wrong and maybe Kirsty has the inside scoop to the painless method of weight loss. Anyone know Jenny Craig's number?


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