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This Is Why I Should Get More Sleep by Ray Printer Friendly

Look, I don't claim responsibility for most of the things I do, okay? I mean, 78% of the time, my brain's working against me when it does stuff (79%, if you count that time it tried to trick me into having sex with that tranny--joke's on you, brain, I knew it was a tranny the whole time!).

My point is, I sat down to write something tonight. Instead of writing, I ended up doing this:

I don't really know where my brain's going with this one, but I figured I should probably post it, in case it's some sort of clue. Like what if people all over the world are doing stuff like this, right?

Some of them are writing on napkins, some of them are making statues out of mashed potatoes, some are smearing poop drawings on bathroom stalls. It's this huge thing, full of meaning.

Not just some guy who hasn't had enough sleep and has way too many pictures of lizards by his front door.

More than likely, I need to go to bed. And the napkin guy just doesn't want to go home to confront his cheating girlfriend. The mashed potato girl is anorexic. And the poop-smearing fellow is just some stupid jerk who likes to make the world a worse place.

But what if, you know? What if we're all a dead-letter department?


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