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Merry Christmas. I Got You A Book. by Ray Printer Friendly

Hey everybody, how's it going? Good, I hope. Me, I'm pretty excited--I just finished final-proofing my latest book, "Degenerates," and it is now for sale right here.

I used Lulu again, because I was rushing to get this bastard finished, and they're what I'm familiar with, but I'm a little irritated with them because of the DRM stuff they've started up.

I'm also a little irked that they've started charging a fee for "digital storage." Basically, it means that they've added a fee on top of the digital download, which, although perfectly understandable, business-wise, is still annoying.

Point being, I might not use them again for whatever project I do next. But for now, that's where it's at.

But because it's Christmas, I'll give you a digital copy for free, if you want. You can download it here. I'm probably gonna delete it in January, so if you don't want to pay, hurry up. The first couple pages are blank, so if you download it and don't see anything, just scroll down. UPDATE: I deleted the link, so if you want it digitally, you'll either have to dish out the cash or spend minutes scouring this website.

Also, I'm pretty sure that the ebook on Lulu is without DRM crap, but I didn't see an option to turn it off or on, so if anyone knows more about it, let me know. I've Googled it a bit, and I think I'm in the clear, but I'm not 100% sure.

Anyway, sorry it wasn't in time for Christmas, but you should still totally buy copies for everyone you know.

Just for the record, it's comprised of stories that have all been on The Strangelands, so if you're looking for something new, you're out of luck. But I did some pretty serious cleaning on several of the stories, so rest assured that they aren't as drunk-bumbled as a lot of them originally were. Also, having them all in a handy book is much easier than sifting through all the stuff I've written in the last half-decade.

So that's it. Download it, buy it, ignore it, whatever. The important thing is that I don't have to screw with it for a while.

And the other important thing is happy holidays to all of you.

Filed under The News on 12/25/09

Entered By Keith Kevinson From Unknown
2009-12-25 19:36:18

You're the best, Ray! Mery Christmas!

Entered By QueBella From Unknown
2009-12-26 04:22:29

Merry Christmas, Ray - I can't wait to read again!

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