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Radio Star (Video, Please Don't Kill Me) by Ray Printer Friendly

Okay, holy crap you guys. You wouldn't believe how pumped up I am right now. You know how a while back I wrote a test for Aaron Tippin Moments? Well, just for kicks, I linked to it on Matt Sadler's Facebook page. Yes, I have a Facebook page, no I haven't told you about it before, because I'm a little embarrassed about having one.

I started it a long time ago, under the name Howard McKay (a.k.a. Portly Boy) because I had planned on launching a viral campaign for The Adventures of Portly Boy. That never happened, and now I mainly use Facebook to keep up with my writer friends. And secretly look at pictures of my cousin's boobs, but let's just skip over that part, okay? We're here to talk about something entirely different.

We're here to talk about how The Strangelands was mentioned on the radio today. Not only mentioned, but discussed for quite a bit. Check it out:

I don't usually get star-struck when I'm around famous people, because when I'm around famous people, they're usually being d-holes. But Charlie Hodge and Matt Sadler are two of my favorite entertainers in the world. When I heard Matt bring up a quiz that a listener wrote, I almost peed my pants. And when they actually discussed the stuff that I had written, it took most of my will power not to jump up and dance around. Well, will power and laziness.

I called my princess in and made her listen to the podcast with me, at high volume...more than once. I know it's goofy, okay? I know it.

But I don't care. The Strangelands is my baby. My drunken, undernourished, misbehaved baby. And to hear it mentioned not only on real radio, but on my favorite radio show of all time...well, it was amazing.

I can only assume that this is what it would be like if your kid signed on to play football for a major college. Or was on more than three episodes of Cops.

I am filled with pride, and I am filled with thanks. And, as always, I am filled with bourbon. But this time, at least I have a reason to celebrate.

Entered By Anonymous From Unknown
2009-11-24 03:52:49

go get 'em cowboy...we is proud of you too.. now we know some red ass that has been on BIG radio... yeeha !!!!!! Lipscomb... Tx

Entered By Ray From Austin
2009-11-24 04:54:30

Stop that.

Entered By Kenne From somewhere between Houston and Los Angeles
2009-11-28 22:09:51

That was hilarious. I've been trying to find a way to explain Lone Star redneckness to some of my california friends, but you beat me to it. My new favorite song and my new favorite radio show.

Entered By Karen From Indiana
2009-12-01 04:23:07

That's pretty cool. No lie.

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