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Family Time With Pippi by Ray Printer Friendly

I'm not really allowed to write stuff on this site about my friends and family, but sometimes I disregard the rules and do it anyway. Like this:

So the boys and I are watching Pippi Longstocking (we read the book, so I rented the movie from Netflix). We're right in the middle of our sweet little family time, but I can't get over Pippi using the word "spunk" over and over again. That does have a terrible double-meaning, right? Or is it just my perverted husband?

So THAT'S why her hair always stuck out like that.

I'm dying here. Phrases have included "Spunk is my favorite new word," "Spunk is dangerous," and "Spunk examinations are always free." That last one occurred after a creepy-looking doctor said, "Open your shirt, little girl." This is what happens when I try to schedule quality family time!

I have watched illegal Japanese porn that was less perverted than what you are subjecting your children to.

Stupid 70s movie. The dubbing is terrible enough. Now I have to worry about my kid running around singing "Spunk! Spunk!" Like Pippi Longstocking.

That should be fun for you.

And you know no one will believe he learned it from a children's movie. I'll just say he picked it up from his Uncle Ray.

You blame it on me, I will make it my mission in life to find a cartoon about a donkey who is a boxer, just so you'll have him talking about donkey-punching by the time he's four.


You mis-spelled "evil genius."

Pure Evil

Entered By Leslie From Texas
2009-09-03 03:44:04

I knew you wouldn't be able to resist - stupid family movie night. This is what I get for trying to spend quality time with my children. Might as well just park them in front of the Playstation and call it good.

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