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Fragile Hate by Ray Printer Friendly

i know i've asked before, but i never remember your answer,

and i'm just now realizing it's because i don't care. do you love me or do you love to hurt me? i will strip-tape cover your dreams, and laugh at the echoes of your sobs, and when you glare, I will blow you a poison kiss.

the empty juice carton in the refrigerator and the dead phone line when i pick up after just one ring, this is how i measure your love.

we know each other through mundane conversation and faked smiles in the morning, and wide-eyed stares at opposite walls while our backs touch in bed.

there were times of saturated happiness. there were times of deep kisses and lost time and held hands and conversation through broken horizons.

it is gray quiet now, quick dry-lipped smacks on cheeks, and mystery lost.

improve me against my will, make me something i am not, dance on the dirt of my buried past while i weep for it.

who are you?

the question brings you to a startled stop, and without motion, i see whatever passes for the truth.

my face stares back at me, covered in drool and ruined tears, and the familiar voice cries, you have ruined everything.


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