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Hate Week 2009 Postcards by Ray Printer Friendly

I finally managed to get a few Hate Week 2009 postcards printed. I had originally planned on getting them printed by a reputable printing place, but then decided I might be better off doing it myself. There wasnít much demand, believe it or not, and since most of the people I was going to send them to were friends and family, I figured I could just do it myself.

So I printed them out on my trusty Canon S330, which is one of the best purchases Iíve ever made in my life. I got it for like 30 bucks when I lived in New York (like, six freakiní years ago), and I can get the ink cartridges for three dollars each. It isnít the best quality, but it tricked a number of my design teachers into thinking I'd had my stuff pro printed throughout school. Theyíre hard to find these days, but if you ever come across one of these printers, you should totally buy it.

I cut the postcards out with a straight-edge and an X-Acto knife (a helpful little tip for making something look way more professional than it really is, if you can cut it rightÖwhich I usually canít). And then I glued them together. When I was taking classes, I had this really great 3M craft glue stick, and if you were careful, you could get two pieces of photo paper to stick together so well that they looked like a single piece of double-sided paper.

I figured I could use my school experience to make some relatively professional-looking postcards. I was pretty mistaken. For one, I couldnít find my glue stick, so I ended up using spray adhesive. I absolutely despise spray adhesive, because it always manages to get on both my leg hair and my arm hair. Then, if I happen to lean down and rest my elbows on my knees or something, itís a world of pain. Iím sure that various body hair adhered to the postcards did nothing to add to their professionalism.

Also, the adhesive made them smell like a chemical plant. Iím pretty sure you if actually tried to read the small amount of text on the cards, youíd be high before you got to the end, simply from breathing the fumes. On top of that, my cuts were terrible, so the edges were all jagged.

Point of the story: I decided to go with my original plan and get them printed. Not like a huge printing press run or anything, but a small batch on good paper stock.

I know I mentioned this once already, but I think it might have been before Hate Week started: if you would like to receive a real-life postcard in the mail, email me and let me know.


Whatís that? You want to know what they look like, even though you have absolutely no intention of giving me your home address? Well, although I know I should be offended by your blatant lack of trust, I am pretty creepy, so I see where youíre coming from. Literally. Iím watching you. Right now. Look up.

Not quick enough to catch me, were you? Hahahaha! Anyway, here are the postcards:









I also made one out the picture I showed you in this post.

So there you have it. Pictures for Hate Week. I was hoping to make some more, but Iím seriously doubting that Iíll have time, so you might be stuck with just words for the rest of this wonderful time.

posted 8/09/09

Entered By Diane From NH
2009-08-11 00:18:48

I'm in total bitter bitch mode, so these suit me absolutely to a "T".

Entered By Ray From Austin
2009-08-11 00:56:27

I think I mailed you one, but I have no idea if it was the correct address.

Entered By Ricky From eye of the hurricane
2009-09-27 15:52:12

These are great. Even though I am late to the party, I am going to request all four, and see if you go for it.

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