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Lissen Fuh Show by Ray Printer Friendly

Look man, most of the shit I say on this website, it's better if you ignore it. But sometimes, there are things like the band Cage The Elephant. They should not be dismissed without a listen.

I'm tempted to mention clown porn in this post, too, but I figure that's one of those things that you're either into or you aren't. You'll know before you ever see it. If you aren't sure, you're into it.

Entered By Karen From Indiana
2009-07-09 16:45:12

Definitely talented. And that video was really good. I'm too old and uncool to say something is tight, but if I were younger and hipper, that's what I'd say about it. It was tight. Unlike clown porn. ... Great, now my review includes clown porn. How was it? Well, it wasn't like clown porn, that's for sure.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2009-07-11 01:17:07

All great reviews contain clown porn. Oh, and don't feel old and uncool. Just the other day, my mom sent me an email saying she enjoyed your comments in my rant about Michael Jackson. What she was doing on this site, I have no idea, but out of all the writing on it, she mentioned only yours. Probably because your comments are always so tight.

Entered By Karen From Indiana
2009-07-12 20:31:42

I'm sure SHE wondered what she was doing on this site. Haven't we all?

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