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A Snippet Of My Day Via Text Message--Interview by Ray Printer Friendly

Went in to get a pre-interview haircut and accidentally got a burr.

Nice. Well, at least you'll look like a truck driver.

I look kinda like Zangief from Street Fighter, but with fat instead of muscle.

You better wear a wig. Blond would probably be good. Something "Farah Fawcett" like. And a low cut shirt to show off your other...assets.

And assless chaps.

Jesus no. Keep it classy. You aren't interviewing for a job as an exotic dancer.

Save the assless chaps for when I'm asking for a raise, is what you're saying?

No no no. I'm saying you're not turning tricks at the RV park for dime bags anymore. Save them for when they're appropriate. Maybe the office Christmas party.

I see. (p.s. I'm still turning tricks at the RV park for dime bags.)

posted 6/24/09


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