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I'll sell you my soul for

         a million whispered secrets and

            eight and a half tears of true heartbreak.

Lorem Ipsum like a motherfucker,

  And if you were looking for more when you peered inside your lover’s heart,

                   more the blame to you.

We’ll rage where we want to, and we know it’s


       but that’s the point.

Jacked to the moon on wonder and disgust,

hardwired to

   nightmares that


    between the walls with

   creeks and

    squeaks and

     the howling of lost infants.


     it’s a special night,

    like puddles of lost memory

   and pink-prick drops of fear

  a million times over.

The echo of


   keeps the blood pumping fast

As we walk alone through alleys unguarded by anyone but the

   scavengers and

    the takers.

     And when the sun rises tomorrow,

      we’ll expect something better,

       but it will all persist,

        until the night,

          when it becomes once again.

posted 6/08/09


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