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This isn't a new Portly Boy story, so if that's what you were expecting, you're out of luck. This is a post telling you about how the Portly Boy website is finally up. It isn't perfect yet, but nothing about Portly Boy is perfect, so deal with it.

The site looks like shit if you view it with Internet Explorer, but if you're looking at things with IE, you deserve to see nothing but shit.

Anyway, here's the link: TAKE ME TO PORTLY BOY!

Also, he got his own Twitter page. Look at it here.

And if you're really just wanting a Portly Boy story, don't fret--there should be a new one within the next week or two.

posted 6/07/09

Entered By Karen From Indiana
2009-06-19 01:41:22

I like the website. It looks good.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2009-06-19 04:52:07

Thanks, Karen. I know how it hurts you to say nice things to me.

Entered By Kenne From twenty paces from the bathroom
2009-11-23 22:21:46

BWAHAHAHAHA. This book is absolutely hilarious. I'm actually glad I bought the book since it gives me avenues to read on the couch or on the john. Sorry, Ray. But hey, at least I light a match.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2010-02-08 05:10:05

Portly Boy has always been marketed as bathroom reading. You have no need to apologize. In fact, you have my thanks for buying that gigantic book.

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