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I was recently trying to describe to some of my family what Twitter was about and why people are going all crazy about it lately.

The thing about Twitter is that for the most part, it's useless. It gives all the morons of the world an easier way to show that they're morons. But it actually does have some uses. For example, it can be hilarious, as John Campbell proves (he also has a webcomic, and if you don't read it regularly, you are truly missing out).

Another example of putting Twitter to good use is following for website updates. For example, you can follow Big Baby Bargains on Twitter, and each time there is a new bargain posted, you'd be able to see it on your Twitter homepage, or get a notification on your phone.

When Twitter originally started, it was intended to be used for mini-updates, like, "I'm getting on the plane now, should be in Dallas soon." Stuff like that. Basically so you could notify several people at once without having to text them all or whatever. That's what their demonstration said, anyway.

Now you have celebrities all over it (I'm lookin' at you, Oprah; and Ashton Kutcher can suck my dirty asshole), which means all kinds of people signing up and updating with poorly-spelled idiocy. I'd like to get angry about it, but it's not like I didn't see it coming. That's what the internet is all about, right? Taking a good idea and watching to see how fast celebrities and the knuckle-draggers who love them can ruin it?

Anyway, the point of this post is to tell you that I recently changed the name of the Twitter account I had. I wanted to keep the original content and the followers and the people I followed, so instead of starting a new account for The Strangelands, I just changed the name. I was hoping the change would be flawless, but I'm not so sure it was. Point being, if you were following me before, and you don't see an update, it probably means the change dropped you, and you might need to follow me under the new name (thestrangelands).

If you weren't following me, now is a great time to start, because I post all kinds of incredible content over there. Okay, that's not true at all. Usually, I just post the same kind of random crap I post over here, except for shorter. So if I'm too inebriated or lazy to write an actual post, I just babble out something over there real quick so I can still feel like I accomplished something.

posted 6/06/09

Entered By Karen From Indiana
2009-06-19 01:33:14

Twitter's been very good to me. I got free software (Adobe Flex - the fully registered version, apparently worth a few hundred dollars?) when someone on Twitter announced Adobe was giving it away to the recently laid off. Today I ate at Jimmy John's for a buck, 'cause I heard on Twitter that they were offering that special in my town. I got free tickets (center court, 11 rows up) to a Pacers game, because I heard about it from someone I follow on Twitter. And a recruiter contacted me about a job opportunity (turned out to be 90 miles away, but I'd have loved to have applied for it had that not been the case.) If you're selective about who you follow, you can create a really worthwhile network or whatever. I follow people that make me laugh, and follow local news, some folks I know in person, and then smart or interesting folks that I don't know... it's a nice mix. I'll probably follow thestrangelands, but I'll also probably bore you to death with my ramblings. Fair warning.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2009-06-19 04:59:45

Wow. I mostly use it to write dirty things on the internet.

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