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Heck Yeah, I Am by Ray Printer Friendly

During my morning ritual of looking through the ads on craigslist, I came across this in the "Part Time" section:

It have been so hard for me to have a work lately.

This thing was posted up in various places, and it's probably a spambot.

In my mind, though, it's just some freak at home, and if you reply, he's like, "Send me naked pictures, then we'll talk about a work!"

I don't know. Probably this is why I shouldn't start looking at job postings before seven in the morning.

posted 6/04/09

Entered By James From Austin
2009-06-06 02:28:52

I like how there is a phone number, but it says "Please, no phone calls about this job!" See, they even put an exclamation point, so they're friggin serious about no calls -- just not serious enough to realize not to put a phone number. Perhaps the number is related to the naked picture part of the job application process, sort of like, send me a picture, and then have phone sex with me while I masturbate to your nude photos. Also, get that growth on your scrotum checked out, it sickens me, and it may be cancerous. Oh, and the position has been filled, sorry.

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