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Corrupt Puppies Corrupt Absolutely by Ray Printer Friendly

So I read the latest installment of the Two Heartbeats thing. I donít even know, man. Seems like alls I do these days is bitch about my job and about puppies. But just do me a favor: read ďPuppies Corrupt.Ē Actually, you donít even have to read itójust realizing the title will do. And then read Two Heartbeats pt. 4, Treyís Revenge.

You think you can tell me that puppies donít corrupt? If you think that, youíre lying to yourself and youíre lying to me, and I want you to stop it right now. We canít have a relationship filled with dishonesty, all right?

And hereís a little note to Trey: Yo, man, if youíre going to be writing about little dogs ruining the world, I think you should kick it a little more nonfiction style. Tell the story to all our loyal readers about how a dog can REALLY wreck the planet. Donít act like you donít know what Iím talking about. Come on, man. I dare ya. I double DOG dare ya.

Oh, man, I gotta go. Iím laughing so hard now that my stomach hurts. Get it, Trey? Double dog dare? I crack myself up, I really do. And if anyone wants to know what the hell Iím talking about, I suggest you send a quick little e-mail urging Trey to get it all out in the open. Weíll lick this problem, if we all work together.


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