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A Snippet Of My Day, Via Text Message by Ray Printer Friendly

her: I think I've almost developed a crush on Alan Alda.

me: That is fucking disgusting.

her: I can't help it.

me: That borders on necrophilia, you understand that, right?

her: It's actually more deep admiration than crush. But I can't help it.

me: You know how when I talk about you making hot lesbian sex with other girls and you threaten to puke? That's what I'm feeling right now.

her: Fair enough. I was just giving confession.

me: So grody.

posted 4/03/09

Entered By Alan Alda From Bedroom
2009-04-03 20:46:22

drop me an email at, deadsexy@alanalda.com look forward to hearing from you soon...

Entered By Ray From Austin
2009-04-05 02:21:28

Awesome. Because it has been a while since I got to taste my own vomit.

Entered By Lauren From NH
2009-04-07 16:58:56

And even longer since I've heard anyone use the term "Grody". So 1982

Entered By Ray From Austin
2009-04-07 17:10:12

I don't feel a rad word like "grody" should be lost to the ages.

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