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First-Of-The-Month-Quotes by Ray Printer Friendly

You know how some websites do a practical joke on April Fool's Day? Like they'll change the whole layout or post a message saying they got bought out, or some other stupid shit like that?

We don't do that around here, but I really wish we did. Because that might explain this First-Of-The-Month Quotes installment. You know how many I have this month?


One. Fucking. Quote.

I blame my friends. You see, FOTM Quotes is supposed to be something that happens naturally. It's supposed to be something that's easy for me to do. Someone says something messed up, I write it down. New month rolls around, I type down all this stuff and BANG!--got a post.

But they've let me down. Which is pretty much what being my friend is all about. Buncha jerks. So here's your Quote for the month, kids. Try not to spend it all in one place.

"There's your million dollar idea right there--a top hat that will stay on a limp cock"

posted 4/01/09

Entered By unintended cannibal From more common than expected
2009-04-02 23:40:54

My 4 yhear old son had a funny quote recently. He said "I like Barrack Ubama (that's how all three of my kids say it) Daddy, he is nice to humans." I think that should be his campaign slogan in 12 Vote Obama, he is nice to humans.

Entered By Jesse From Austin
2009-04-04 00:47:31

"Alright, let's all welcome to the stage... Gramps!... Make it rain, fellas."

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