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Site Update And Other News by Ray Printer Friendly

You may have noticed lately that the site has been loading kind of slow. There's a technical reason for this, and Trey explained it to me, but in my mind it just got translated down to, "Robots did it. Evil robots."

Because that's what I blame for pretty much everything. Anyway, he went in and worked his magic (probably black magic, because even though he isn't as evil as the evil robots, he's still a pretty shady character) and things are working much smoother now. So hooray for Trey!

In other news, it's Portly Boy's birthday. I only know this because at some point, I signed up to a site and entered March 27th as my birthday. Because that was the first time I posted a Portly Boy post. Why I used Portly Boy's birthday isn't important. What's important is that today that website told me happy birthday, and I was all confused. Then I saw that they were also calling me Howard (Portly Boy's real name), and it all came together.

Then I realized that yesterday was my dad's birthday. When I woke up yesterday, I reminded myself that I needed to call him. I would have called him right then, but it was four a.m. in his part of the world, and although I'm a lousy son, I'm not so lousy that I'd call my dad at four in the morning to tell him happy birthday. So I decided to wait. And then I forgot. Because I suck.

Yes, I realize that my dad's birthday isn't really site news, but whatever.

posted 3/27/09


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