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Thirst by Jesse Printer Friendly

Imagine if you will, a glass of water

as if you were very young

so that that glass and that water

were new, keen things to you

as only real things can be.

And now you are a little older

and you are told to imagine a glass of water

but it is empty - a glass with no water

never had it, has not seen it

Glass does not has not water's caress.

Now, older still and sophisticated enough

to know the shape of a glass without

seeing one,

knowing form and knowing function and

holding in your mind

a spot in space

where a glass could be and could feel

cool and full and still and clear.

And imagine as a grown man

how it would feel to reach out

to try

to take that glass to hold, to quench

your thirst from it...

This is what it must feel like

for him to hold you

in his arms.

You are the dream of the idea

of grasping onto something that could be

filled with filled by flows and grace

that prolongs and grows and nurtures life,

But you are a void (less than emptiness)

And he is exhausted and dry

And I am angry and tired.

Entered By Not a Golem From Alright I lied, Golem
2009-03-26 03:01:41

'keen things to you/ as only real things can be.' I like this line a lot. There is something akin to detached nostalgia floating around our generation, often manifesting itself in the words of writers known and unknown -- this line has it. I called it cynical idealism once -- but that's not apt...but I digress. There's what one would call a metaphysical conceit here -- but honestly I'm not understanding it. I'm not sure what the feelings the metaphor is trying to express are-- the feelings you are trying to conjure in the different stages of being conscious of the glass are not conjured in me -- and then when the 2nd part is saying that 'holding you' is like that, I am still not sure what it is like.

Entered By Jesse From Austin
2009-03-30 21:26:28

It's speaking from the outside for those whom have settled, and filled their partner's space with all sorts of notions of how they should like a person to be... but no one ever speaks of it, because they know it just cannot be so... And they try to live, but they dry up eventually, because you can only drink so much that isn't there, and you can only thirst so long. Or something.

Entered By Wingnut From From a Gargoyle, of course
2009-04-09 03:43:58

Well, I'm just an uneducated hick, but this is what I thought it meant: when you were a boy, you loved someone--a teacher, maybe, or a babysitter. And you knew that when you were grown, that was the kind of woman you would marry. You grew up, started dating, and realized that you couldn't find that same something, that emotional or spiritual connection that filled you up...but you had the physical relationship, the attraction, the infatuation. And then...then, even that was gone, and all that was left was the memory, the dream. That illusion kept you going for a time, until she left, to be someone else's illusion. And you didn't even mind, because you already knew that the dream had died, crushed under decades of disappointment and resentment. Or maybe you were just really, really thirsty, and she said she'd bring you a glass of water, but she didn't, and it pissed you off. It was one of those two things.

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