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This is Madness by Jesse Printer Friendly

Have you ever felt Nothing?

I mean really waking up and reaching out

and feeling nothing there between your

fingers and surrounding you

And you swish about

and your violence is just a vibration

ringing, pressure

inside you

This is Madness

You, I, the core You and I are the core

wrapped in a spring

and coursing through is chaos

a field that binds

Gravity to loneliness

tight, coiled heart of loneliness

Tight faces in compression

This is Madness

This is L-! .

Entered By Ray From Austin
2009-03-24 11:38:06

I had to read through this a few times because I kept getting distracted by the formatting. "Hey, look at that! A different font! And that irregular space--neat!" Yes, I am just that easily impressed and shallow. It should be illegal for me to get within fifty feet of poetry.

Entered By Jesse From Austin
2009-03-24 23:02:08

"Hey, little poem... Do you like popsicles? Cause I've got a... a whole slew of popsicles... down in my basement." You're out of control, Ray. And you need help. Try as I might to forget, that time I found you with that Highlights magazine... Un... Speakable.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2009-03-25 02:24:02

Dude. I read that comment and busted out laughing, and continued laughing until my wife asked me what was so funny. I then read the comment to her not once, but three times (just the stuff in quotes) and continued to laugh. Fucking hilarious.

Entered By Penguin Face From I am a Submarine
2009-03-26 02:50:29

'and your violence is just a vibration /ringing, pressure/inside you' 'that binds/ Gravity to loneliness' these two parts I like a lot -- I can feel their meaning, I have emotions and moments of consciousness that go with these words -- but I have no denotative meaning for them, and that gap between subconscious feeling and orderly consciousness is the proper domain of poetry. However, the language in the poem is often unpoetic and lacks flow, so its kind of a hard read which hurtd the effect. This relates to what I will say on your other poem, but you may want to think about doing an experimental prose piece with what you normally put in a poem -- I think your words would fit better in there.

Entered By Ishmael From Pensacola
2009-03-26 08:20:30

Will this be on the test?

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