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Spring Break by Ray Printer Friendly

You may have noticed that I haven't been posting much lately in the last week. Spring Break.

Usually, this break means I'll be sitting around in my underpants for a week, drinking cheap liquor twenty-two hours a day, and writing. This time, however, I had house guests pretty much the entire time, and actually went out and did stuff. We went on hikes, we did tourist stuff, and I even went out to a club to watch a show. The Decemberists. Who seemed like assholes, and not just because they didn't pick my poster. Frankly, the lead singer seemed like the embodiment of all that I find annoying about hipsters.

Obligatory fuzzy band shot for the internet.

Don't get me wrong--I had an excellent time. I was introduced to the music of Gomez, which I really enjoyed, and I also spent a lot of time walking around the area, checking out the drunken freaks of Austin.

Anyway, this is all a long way of saying that I really didn't get shit done in the way of writing. I'm hoping to make up for it by guzzling a giant-ass Rockstar energy drink that Trey gave me a while back. He found a great deal on a case of them, and since he's a little too sane to drink them, he decided to share with me. I was planning on doing a write-up like I did with Fusion, but since I need to get some actual work done, I probably won't. Maybe a bullet-point list, if the stuff starts killing me or something.

Oh, and if you're wondering what a giant-ass can of Rockstar energy drink looks like, here:

I couldn't find any way to really get across how huge this can is, so I put it next to a milk carton. So yeah, that can is almost as tall as a half-gallon milk jug, and almost as big around. If my math is correct--and it probably isn't--the amount of Rockstar energy drink I am about to imbibe is the same amount of fluid as if I drained half of a half-gallon of milk. Which would be even more disgusting.

Talk to you later, kids.

posted 3/22/09

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2009-03-22 08:17:27


Entered By Ray From Austin
2010-03-28 02:27:09

No way.

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