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Turtle...Top Hat...Sword... by Ray Printer Friendly

Towards the end of last year, a friend of mine began harping on me because I wasn't writing as much on The Strangelands as usual, and that when I did post, it was stuff like pictures of school projects.

For some reason, I felt bad, even though the guy bitching doesn't ever really post anything, so he should shut his stupid piehole. I've been trying not to do so much of that lately (although I have written this exact same post before--the only reason it didn't get posted was because something screwy was going on with Photobucket, so my pictures weren't loading right).

That said, tonight is just going to be a picture. You guys may know about a website called imeem. I didn't. Apparently, it's like a social networking site based around music. I really don't know much about it, honestly, so if I'm mistaken about that, don't be surprised. One of the guys from one of my classes brought in a link to the Decemberists fan page. They were having a contest for their fans to make a poster for their upcoming performance in Austin. Our teacher thought this might be a good project for our class, so we each did one.

I'm not a big Decemberists fan--I've heard some of their songs, but could take 'em or leave 'em, for the most part--so I didn't think for a moment that I'd win. And I was correct, if you're wondering. Theoretically, if you're a good enough designer, it shouldn't matter if you're a fan or not, but I figured that if there were people who actually had Decemberists posters on their walls, they'd know a little bit more about what style the band liked.

I Google imaged it, saw that they tended to lean towards hand-drawn and/or vector art, and knew I was screwed. The reason I went into computer design instead of straight graphic design is because graphic designers are expected to know how to draw. Not my strong point.

On the plus side, I realized that since I wasn't going to win, I coudl do whatever I wanted. So I did this:

It's a turtle with a sword, wearing a top hat. Yes, I realize you knew that, but it's incredibly fun to say. Anyway, I didn't win the contest, but I think any time you make a poster where there's a turtle wearing a top hat and holding a sword, you're a winner.

What's that? No? Oh. Turns out I'm still a loser.

posted 3/12/09

Entered By anette From Unknown
2009-03-13 03:54:30

isnt it month

Entered By Ray From Austin
2009-03-13 07:02:46

I...I don't understand that comment. I have read over my post a couple times, and I have read over the comment about a billion times. I just don't understand it. I feel like anette from Unknown is just an evil genius who is out to drive people with small websites mad. "Ah, he responds to every comment," annete thinks, "I shall post this nonsensical phrase about month. We'll see what kind of clever response you come up with THEN, Ray. If that is your real name." You win, anette. You win. My real name is Cindy, and it really is month.

Entered By Karen From Indiana
2009-03-18 19:40:53

lol. Didn't someone post a random, nonsensical reply awhile back (and NO, don't say my last reply or whatever)? Not the spammer guy, but someone awhile back. Anyway, it's nice that you tried really hard to figure out what anette could have possibly meant. I like the poster, btw. Seriously. I think it's WAY month, myself.

Entered By Janessa From New York
2009-03-19 14:08:40

I decided to visit your postings and see the new witty stuffs... I read the page from Portly Boy that you posted- I liked it a lot. Then I came to this (all coz of the title!) and I'd just like to say... You're correct. Turtles, swords, and top hits are a great combination.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2009-03-20 14:49:54

Karen, I like that you're able to take a phrase like "isn't it month" and make it into something I want to say to people over and over. I will spend the day saying things like, "Dude, that's totally month!" It will be a good day, I think. Janessa, glad you should stop by. You should do so more often, and maybe even write some stuff, yeah? Also, I thought you spelled your name with a G.

Entered By Janessa From New York
2009-03-24 15:10:05

Hmm... Well, first, it's a J. I just use a G on websites that I have to give a name for. :) And I'll make sure to come by more and leave you comments about how I'm going to be part of a ZOMMMMBIECRAWLLL... Mmhmm, I said it, a zombiecrawl. In Brooklyn. I'll make sure to wear extra blood for you.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2009-03-25 02:34:53

A zombiecrawl? Gee whiz! I miss out on all the good stuff. There better be pictures.

Entered By Janessa From New York
2009-03-26 04:17:24

Yeah, you do. Maybe you'll get lucky and they'll have one by you somewhere. The link for the info on this one is http://www.backseatconceptions.com/nyc_zombiecrawl/08_web/nyz_full_frames_08.htm, you should see if maybe they have some sort of affiliate link... I totally just spelt that wrong... I think... Ugh... Have you seen the Gay Zombie youtube video?

Entered By Ray From Austin
2009-03-29 02:16:00

Call me weird, but I don't generally go around searching for gay zombie stuff on the internet. I didn't before, I mean. Now, I'm pretty sure it's a must.

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