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Change Your Clock by Ray Printer Friendly

God help you if you're relying on me to keep you from messing up, but don't forget to change your clock, if you live in the US. Not all states live under the burden of this shit-nasty thing called Daylight Savings Time, but I'm pretty sure the only ones who don't are the ones who already suck so much that adding one more layer of bullshit would be worse than if the Ghostbusters crossed the beams.

Daylight Savings is stupid and shitty and pointless. Back in the day, it made marginal sense, but they've been doing studies and have discovered that it's actually worse on people, and doesn't even save resources like they once assumed. I'd link to these online articles, but I have to go to bed.

Because, you know, it's Daylight Savings, which means I have to wake up an hour earlier than I'm used to.

Which is bullshit.

Fuck you, whoever thinks Daylight Savings is a good idea. And an extra fuck your mother to the brainfucked morons who thought moving it up a month was a good idea. I hope you choke on under-cooked pig testicles and die.

posted 3/09/09


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