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Not all who 'wonder' are lost. by JFK Harris Printer Friendly

"One death is a tragedy; a million is a statistic." - Stalin

I do wonder.

I wonder about war all the time and everywhere. After all, its not as if we’re short on war these days…and I certainly hope we’re not speaking out on the lack of punctuality pertaining to when war comes and where it lays its infested spooge.

There is no doubt that in the 20th century, whether on the frontlines or back in the heated think thank barracks of d.c, the united states has played one role or another, in fomenting war, as opposed to not. Of course what side we choose depends desperately on either immediate capitol gain or long term investment possibilities, or if attainable, both. The recent situation seems to be a perfect example of our recent devouring of all human ethical conduct and decency, placing empirical possession over human life, as if America has allowed itself to be overrun by mere thugs, schoolyard bullies whose bigtoy set is never big enough; a group of grown children and recovering alcoholics playing a very real and very costly game of Risk, which we all know ends in the total annihilation of the world. But I guess since war happens anyway, we might as well all gather around the boob-tube and watch mass slaughter live.

As for the list of wrong wars, wrong times, wrong places there seems to be a trend in why we chose to not fight in those wars. Moreso this phenomenon for lack of a better word seems to coincide with a deficiency in media coverage, coverage that if provided would most definitively give all red meat eating Americans two foot hard-ons and a virtually realistic sense of what it feels like to take another human life, whether with ones bare hands, a sniper rifle from 300 meters, or smart bombs that pretty much fuck yours and anyone else’s shit up within a diameter of 1 square mile. According to the numbers provided, they seem to describe what many of us and the history books refer to as genocide. Choose your battles wisely, they say. Or just choose your battles.

I think it also crucial that instead of assuming the position of harbinger of liberty, we should also be questioning why and how those millions of enslaved around the world got that way. Who put them there in them darn’d shackles, we might speculate? Or maybe, who’s got the key? Recently our country’s curriculum vitae leans more toward keeping most faceless heathens enslaved, not only by not freeing them with the mighty flying fortress that is our (volunteer) military, but by buttressing the very regime that we all despise, with heart and soul. Damn Saddam! Fuck Pinochet! Burn Noriega! Burn!

Occasionally though, we ask for mercy for the poor suffering children. Like that bone-rattling scene in Braveheart, we can’t take it no more sir, leave him be, set him free, please! All in the name of Christ and the economy! I see it more as a PR stunt - paid for by us and thought of by witty well-paid monkeys - than our well-intentioned leaders conditioned moral response to the power and greed that runs these states and their affairs. Set a few free and all will not only continue to fear but love our freedom-bearing souls with all their minds, and if not their minds, then we’ll grab their balls and squeeze and twist and pull until…Voila!!! Democracy! Now all we ask is 60%. And don’t say no. Just look at where it got Saddam Hussein.


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