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Unacceptable Risk by Ray Printer Friendly

On my way home from school, I was going to stop and get the mail. I was listening to a mix CD I made like ten years ago, and was rocking out to The Offspring's Something To Believe In.

As I was pulling into the little bank of post office boxes, I saw a guy walking a dog. A Lhaso Apso. This thing. At that exact moment, the song ended, and I was suddenly blasting Walking On Sunshine.

We both arrived at the mailboxes at the same time, and Katrina and the Waves cried out, "Now every time I go for the mailbox, I gotta hold myself down. 'Cause I just can't wait 'till you write me you're comin' around!" He glanced up at me, and I kept driving.

Yes, I was mostly ashamed, but I was a little worried that if I pulled to a stop, he and I might've shared a moment, and I'm just not prepared for that this morning.

posted 2/23/09

Entered By Karen From Indiana
2009-02-24 03:38:46

Funny you should link to YouTube. I was looking for a convenient segue into this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_4a4O7kXQo&feature=related and now I have it. Have you seen these? Nothing whatsoever to do with your brush with the almost thing with the guy and his dog, but I'm okay with that.

Entered By Ray From Austin
2009-02-24 05:52:39

"Fuckin' green to white technology is gonna happen." This is my new catchphrase. Which is good, because I've been needing a new one. "I'm going to molest your child," just doesn't resonate with people as much as I'd hoped.

Entered By Karen From Indiana
2009-02-24 23:24:11

That's exactly the best phrase of that whole video. Hilarious.

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