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Chainsaw Tears, And Orange Juice by Ray Printer Friendly

Chainsaw tears,

Ripping and cutting,


Without mercy--only noise and anger.

I was mistaken,

In my assumption,

And the results…

Stupid questions,

“How did it go?”

“Are you okay?”

Her only answer,


We weren’t ready,

Neither of us,

I knew it, and so did she.

Except she didn’t.

Vodka-soaked underpants

And red-eye anger,

And when she blames me,

I blame her right back,

For letting me be

So weak.

The sky weeps:

Rain, until she leaves.

And then snow,

As I watch

With my frozen heart—

Her taillights fade

Into nothing.

Ashtray, overflowing,

Bottles, empty,

Reflection, lifeless.

I know who I am,

And always have.

I have always


“We fade,”

She says.


I tell her,

“Only you.”

Her eyes,

Cold as the frozen rain,

When she says:

“You evil bastard.”

“I know,”

I tell her.

Because I can’t think

Of anything to add.

Forevers pass,

But time never does—

Not when it can hurt.

Because time is an evil thing,

Feeding off pain.

Her slap that night

Was nothing…

Compared to the suffering

Of seeing her in the

Grocery store.

Every Saturday.

posted 2/05/09


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