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an introduction and/or... by JFK Harris Printer Friendly

....a partial attempt to answer possible forthcoming inquiry of

"Who are You Again?":

je m'appelle julian...

not always just "J."

sometimes "jules,"

and at certain duller moments,

when down and out with an awful dose of self-belittlement,

I feel to amuse and stretch the gamut

with that great oral twist of "Julius"

although that allows for admonishment by many who feel

the subject of 'the self'

to be the quintessential pawn of decadence;

humility indeed is one source of divine inspiration,

although at certain auspicious moments, it leads

back to that dull sense of greyness,

such as it is today.

so, je m'appelle julian.

Please do not take me for one who is too self-involved,

though it is I who without choice nor repentence resides in me,

whether I, or any other wish it to be otherwise,

therefore to wish it any other way would be

to deny all and sundry the benefit of the

doubt, a segment of truth,

myself and all that I might have to give unto the world...

on the contrary, I give much to others,

as much as my heart might tolerate

(my mind is far too meagre for such trivial and charitable matters)

atleast I tease myself to thinking I give so much,

but really, I am no less reclusive than the average sally, pat or

moe, nor am I the overly exerting in-your-face type who overstays

the welcome at the dinner party that I was never invited to in the

first place.

You see, my fingers tend to tire toward the end

of the "endearing" letters I tend to write

to others who find it quizically amusing

that I might spend an entire email speaking nothing of others,

just of myself, then proceed to claim that I give much to others,

but in restrospect,

I attend to the question at hand which you might possibly have asked

previously and to yourself

'Who are You Again?":

je m'appelle julian.


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