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Prost, Fieldmouse! by Jesse Printer Friendly

Oh, my brother, Bob

I could play that big guitar

in our mariachi band

What's it called again Well I

Think that would be some fun -

make 'em laugh and

make 'em cry

now that'd be a ball.

And if life can be a teacher

deliver us praise

and say reach up for stars

then its our brothers' shoulders grasp

that clutch, that hold

it's what cantilevers us

But I digress,

what's that

punch a cookie? Don't mind if I do

Now get your squeeze box,

We'll bust a rhyme.

From history

I've learned one thing

there's more that's made

than steel and brick

like friendship, man,

now that is king

I mean, you're like Arthur

...And I'm the Tick.

What's up. This one goes out to my friend, Bob - A fellow I've known since 1st grade, liked since 6th, and has been my hilarious, 24-day younger brother for ages. Do great things, Ace.

Entered By Ray From Ray
2008-12-06 08:32:01

The Tick is awesome in the "three-tittied prostitute" range of awesomeness, and I think he totally would have approved this message if he was running for a public office or something. Your choice of words is right on. I had a good time reading this, Jesse, for real.

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