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Beware Of Fat Guys Who Want You To Sit On Their Lap by Ray Printer Friendly

It's December. You know--the most wonderful time of the year. Or the hap, happiest time of the year. Some bullshit like that.

I'm not going to waste time listing the important holidays of this month, because chances are, the merchants have been force-feeding them to you by way of every media source available for the last couple months.

One really important thing to keep in mind however, is that itís my birthday this month. Yep, my poor genetic stock has failed to kill me off for one more year. I know, I knowóIím a little bitter about it, too.

Aside from me and Christ both having birthdays this month, thereís also the big news of my book release. That book that still isnít quite finished. I has hoping to finish it off a long time ago and have some time to send it around to various publishers and agents, but whatever. Self-publishing through Lulu is practically as good as having an agent, right? I mean, when youíre a professional writer, you probably only make around a buck-fifty per book, too, right?



Oh, well, as long as I can bring joy to othersÖwho are willing to drop cold, hard cash in exchange for the stuff of my nightmares. So, yeah, look forward to that this month.

Iím planning on doing some traveling at the end of the month, to see family and friends, so I donít know how much Iíll be posting towards the end of December. Plus, I have finals for the next couple of weeks, so I might not be posting much in the coming days, either.

Basically what Iím saying is that if you want to read any of my bullshit, Iíve made it so you pretty much have to buy my book. If I had a fan base, it would be an awesome marketing strategy. As it is, Iíve just made it that much easier for people to ignore me.

That is my gift to all of you. Youíre welcome.

Happy December, kids.

posted 12/01/08


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