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Thanksgiving Eve Post by Ray Printer Friendly

It's kind of a holiday tradition for me to stay up the night before Thanksgiving and write about sticking my hand inside of a bird corpse. Last year, however, we realized that instead of preparing a twenty-five pound turkey and ending up with loads of leftovers that we canít work our way through, we can just get a little turkey breast, cook it up in a couple of hours, and call it a holiday.

I tend to get stuck in my ways, though, so I always feel like I need to write a Thanksgiving post, whether Iím documenting my turkey preparation, going to visit someone else, or just mellowed on pain pills and going to bed.

This year, itís just my princess and I. Due to busy schedules and sickness, we didnít get a chance to celebrate our anniversary, so weíre planning on using the extended holiday break to do something special. Plus, we got the turkey and all that jazz, so tomorrow weíll probably just hang around the house, cooking, eating, watching TVóyou know, being typical Americans.

Anyway, I guess thatís about it for tonight, kidsóyouíd be amazed at how long it took me to write these three short paragraphs, and generally when Iím writing this slow, itís because I either need to write something else or go to bed. Iím still trying to finish one last zombie story for the upcoming book, so Iím guessing that tonight, I need to be writing something else.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, if thatís the kind of thing you do.

posted 11/26/08


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