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Time Change; Day Of The Dead: Repost by Ray Printer Friendly

The following was originally posted on November second. Honestly, it's not even worth re-posting. But what happened was some cock-leak spammer managed to fill up the comment section with nonsensical phrases, random letters, and links that no one in their right mind would click.

It pisses me off when that happens, so I nuked the post. Aside from a couple of witty remarks by Karen in the comment section, it was no real loss. It was more a reminder about the time change than anything, and since that's over with, there's absolutely no reason to read about the time change. I'm only re-posting this out of spite.

Because totally deleting anything just because some asshole is giving the post virtual crabs seems wrong.



Today is one of my favorite days of the year. Right up there with Christmas, man. Today is the day that time changes back from shit-sucking Daylight Savings time. Today is the day that time returns to normal.

As a plus, it is also the Day of the Dead. I don't celebrate this thing, but it sounds awesome, so I might have to start. Also, I think there might be candy involved, and once you start throwing in candy, I'm all about a holiday or tradition or whatever.

So yeah, don't forget to adjust your clocks, and don't forget to take sugar skulls to the graves of your dead friends and loved ones.

posted 11/07/08

Entered By Karen From Indiana
2008-11-07 16:55:53

lsjfowijwo <a href="#">gantt chart software</a> I'll miss you!

Entered By Ray From Austin
2008-11-07 17:05:22

You bastard.

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