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Will you be Mine? by Carey Printer Friendly

Phew, I needed to write some sort of upbeat blog to off set Mr. Kerrigan's venemous rant. But, I guess that was a fitting one to cap off the end of Hate Week (and I for one am glad it's over).

Moving on to a happier and lovely holiday let's proceed to the one time of year where noone is afraid to assert their positve feelings and express their love. You guessed it folks, that could only mean one thing, Valentine's Day is creaping around the corner. The red heart shaped box of goodies and mushy cards will soon be or have probably already graced your local store's display cases and counters.

Who can find fault in a holiday that advocates love and yummy delicacies? Sure sure you can say that it has slowly progressed into an overly commercialized silly occassion that may possess people to spending more money than they normally would on guady card and even guadier packaged box of candies, but who cares? The sentimentality is there at the core and that's what counts.

The lovely thing about Valentine's Day is you don't have to bow to the masses or buy into the commercialized side of it. In fact, home-made gifts are generally more acceptable and appreciated on this holiday then any other one. The general rule here is it's from the heart and it is well thought out.

If your having trouble thinking of ideas that don't involve a trip to the mall I have some good advice for you.

Why not surprise your significant other with a dinner prepared by your loving hands? Or maybe even just a desert for those of you who feel ovrwhelmed in the kitchen. A booklet of coupons targeting your honey's needs which can be redeemed whenever they wish, or a terrific picture of the both of you in a decorative frame can show you care too. The following links will provide you with some FREE Valentine gifts or gift ideas that all genders can enjoy:




If you're still uncertain about what to do I recommend home baked chocolate chip cookies. They are great any time of the year, but why not make them for your sweetie on Valentine's Day? Whatever you decide just make sure it comes from your heart :)

Happy Valentine's Day!


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