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Shooting Moonlight by Ray Printer Friendly

we dance like we're instructed, each and every day it's like those footprints telling us where to step and dammit if we don't step there just like we're s'posed to, like trained monkeys, like robots...but not as cool as either of those things.

hey, did you catch the game, they ask, and did i? yeah, i caught it, but not like you think, not like i sat my fat ass down on a permafart-smelling couch and turned on the tv, 'cause that's not really the game at all, not to me. to me, the game is waking up each day and trudging through it with a fake laugh and a notebook full of wisdom and a head full of higher hopes and dreams that want to escape so bad that you can feel 'em behind your eyeballs, pushin and pushin until it feels like your head just might explode. but when have you ever been that lucky?

ghosts of smiles locked in a trunk in the attic, just waitin for a time when they can come out and be alive again. they miss me, those smiles do, i can hear 'em sing their quiet ghost songs sometimes as i live my day to day life full of responsible decisions and hard work. ephemeral identities, all me, banished with the recitation of a credit card number or PIN. passcode check, email address check, mother’s maiden name check, what’chu wanna check, we need it to check, check check check your balance or your identity. you have this number, it personally identifies you and without it you are no one, please state your account number, enter to access menu options, to state your problem, to live, to love, enter enter enter. so long, ghosts of happiness, get the hell out of here and don't forget that you're no longer wanted. i have bigger things to think about than happiness. i have bigger goals, bigger things to do with the rest of my life. enjoying it, that doesn't fit into the plan.

you pace silently, up halls, down halls, wearing or carrying: notebooks, neckties, briefcases, briefs, cases...it doesn't matter, as long as you're shuffling along, forgetting who you want to be, remembering who you have to be, killing aspirations with a nice cup of poisoned tea. drink me drink me you bastard because if you don't need the antioxidants, you can certainly use the arsenic.

you too can be the captain of a sinking ship he told me, and he was serious, so much more serious than he even knew. toot toot goes the smokestack, and all aboard and don't forget your bacon-flavored lifejackets and your hollow portfolio. shit yeah you're somebody special why wouldn't you be why wouldn't you be special?

everybody is, in a generic, nondescript way, just keep your intelligence level down and your self-satisfaction up, and we can all get along. don't rock the boat unless you're ready to build a new one, don't you realize that sinking one way is just as good as sinking another? you can try to walk on water, but keep in mind the uncomfortable aspects of crucifixion before you succeed.

i'll bathe you in good wishes but you'll only think i'm cursing you and probably i am. the sun hates us all and despises the morning as much as we do...once you understand that, the rest all sort of makes sense.

posted 9/25/08

Entered By Anonymous From Unknown
2008-09-29 19:37:55

Sigh. I know what you mean, but you worry me, Dawg. {oo}

Entered By Ray From Austin
2008-09-29 22:06:51

You know who should be worried? The owner of the red sedan--they left their lights on. Also, there's a dead old man in the passenger seat. And before anyone asks, I didn't put him there.

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